Twin Flames where are they now?


This is all so very new to me, but well worth the time and effort it takes to sit up and pay attention to the workable possibilities, and probabilities that is taking place as so above so as below… I can recall when the legendary singers song writer “The Fifth Dimension” produced a (1969) song entitled “Age of Aquarius” is unfolding right before my very eyes, and it is an exciting on this New Jerusalem timeline, and I am humbled by this spiritual transformation. A time when the illusions of the past are being cracked and smashed to the ground. The awakening of self-love is the only way, to put an end to the mirroring shadow self that have walked along side us since we became a human race eons ago so destructive, and the casting of dye behind the veil has blocked out the sunlight, for generations is coming to an end, and that is something to truly celebrate. See the signs and Synchronicities everywhere just be open to the changes because it is happening really all around us. The darkness has ruled the planet, for a very long time good people had to struggle to be good among the lower vibrations. The planet is going through a dark night of the soul, and many are being released from bondage mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Standing strong in our own power and truth remembering who we are, and our mission for being sent to this time in space. For the unrighteous “Weeping and gnashing of teeth” appears seven time in the Bible. “The first will be last and the last will be first”. Many will reap what they have sown through the years, for the crimes against the Most high Diviners. It was all by Divine Timing that the mask would fall off, and the wicked ones will be held accountable as harsh Judgement will be served, for creating illusions, fallacies, and fictitious realities. The Twin Flame journey begins internally in the Temple path of self-love. It is where the healing begins everything else will fall into place. Ashe’ Namaste…

The New Jerusalem Timeline

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